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Initial Ayurveda Consultation with me

My job as an Ayurveda Practitioner is to support and lead you through simple step by step practices and reinforce daily routines that will allow you to live a more energetic, vibrant and healthy life.

An Initial Consultation with me is comprised of two individual appointments. The first is a two hour Ayurveda consultation during which we’ll focus on your direct concerns. Together we’ll uncover your past and present state of health and prioritize chronic conditions to define your personal wellness goals. You will leave with simple recommendations that will begin to address those goals and I will have gained the information I need to further analyze your condition and create an individualized Report of Findings.

In the one-hour follow up appointment I’ll present my Report of Findings that clearly outlines your individual constitution and defines how together we can creatively proceed to achieve your optimal health.

Through this comprehensive Initial Consultation you’ll learn how my Ayurveda practice continually supports positive shifts and brings the integral balance so necessary for an improved quality of life.

Consultations include

During the initial two hour session, I gather extensive information about your health history and present health concerns and patterns.

Determining your Dosha (your personal body type according to Ayurveda), pulse reading, tongue analysis, and checking all health symptoms and concerns. 

I use pulse and tongue analysis (if seeing the client in person), and your physical and psychological make-up to determine your Ayurvedaic constitution (unique individual dosha).

Together we create a plan to increase your ability to self-nurture and self-heal. We will discuss how best to implement diet and lifestyle tips to assist you on an effective and efficient path to reverse and reduce your imbalance and to promote improved health, happiness and wellbeing.

You will learn to

• Recognize stuck physical, metal and emotional patterning

• Uncover the root causes of disconnect and disease

• Reverse the progression of imbalances with easy to follow tips

• Remove the root causes of symptoms

• Discover proven health secrets from Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom and conventional medicine

• Release negative patterns that keep you stuck in old routines

• Increase creativity and foster a positive, happy lifestyle

• Incorporate a comprehensive Ayurveda education as it relates to your needs

• Have confidence in your ability to heal.

Follow-Up Visits 

These visits are an important feature, as they develop the relationship needed to instill a respect for the process and confidence in your innate ability to heal.

I suggest a weekly one hour visit for four to six weeks. During these visits I will counsel you on simple diet and lifestyle tips, educate you on Ayurvedic theory and guide you to stay on track to achieve your health goals using an individually tailored plan all based on your constitutional needs.

I’m here to get you back on track through creative dialogue to figure out what works for you and how I can be most helpful.

Ayurveda offers an efficient way to change negative, addictive habits, to shift to a path of better health, improved energy and immune strength. Simple step by step guidance will include diet and lifestyle tips, herbal remedies, yoga, breath work and meditation and other therapies relating to the essentials of Ayurveda to help resolve annoying tendencies with clear practical and deep lessons at appropriate times for maximum integration.


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