As an Ayurveda herbalist I create herbal remedies for my clients based on their individual needs.

I’ll design a program that enables you to heal from the inside out, working with the cause of what ails you rather then effects. With the support of herbal remedies, you will learn to strengthen from within and heal the deeper symptoms and root causes.

I use only the freshest available organic herbs for my formulas providing the most natural healing support. How resilient is your immune system? Can avoid getting sick when everyone around you is ailing? Can you walk into a room of obviously unwell folks and feel strong, avoiding any malady? That is an example of immune strength. Core to the practice of Ayurveda is a strong immune system. And key to the support of immune strength are herbal remedies.

How about your ability to sleep soundly? Herbs are also central to calming the nerves so we can de-stress and sleep. I also use herbs to encourage digestion strength, dependable elimination, supporting detoxification, cognitive health and clarity, emotional support and many other wonderful natural formulas to support and maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Below is an insomnia packet for sale thru I designed it specifically for my insomnia clients.  If you are interested in purchasing a packet or if you are interested in contacting me, go to: 

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